Our Church in Ordinary Time

The time between the Christmas Season and the start of Lent is called "Ordinary Time."  but it really should be called "Discipleship Time" because that is the real focus of these days.  Now that the Lord has come into our lives and our world at Christmas, we are called to continue his mission and ministry in the world.  Ordinary Time is the time when we focus on living out the Gospel call to be God's people in word and action.  May these days be  ones of challenge and faith for each one of us and the Lord works in us, with us and through us to bring salvation to all people.

Scripture Study: The Women of the Old Testament

The women in the Old Testament have rich stories that are vital to our understanding of God's relationship with all of us!  Join us as we read and reflect on their stories of faith and trust in God.  Wednesday evenings at 7pm or Thursday mornings at 9:45am.  Both classes meet in the CFC, room B.  No Scripture study experience is necessary.  We'll provide the materials and the discussions are always lively and informative.

Sacred Reading: The Seven Storey Mountain

Every month, we've been reading a wonderful book about faith and spirituality.  This month we will be reading The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton.  This is a wonderful book, a spiritual classic, that tells the story of Merton's search for faith and peace.   Many, many people have found this book to be a powerful story and an inviation to grow deeper in their faith.  Come and read along with us! 

We treasure... We celebrate... You are invited...

Stewardship is the faith-filled understanding that all we have and all that we are is a gift from God - our time, our talent, our money and even the gift of life itself. Psalm 111 asks, "How can we make a return for the goodness of God?"  We show our gratitude for these gifts by returning a portion of them back to God.  In the end, the sharing of our time with God, the giving of a portion of our treasure to support the needs of others and our church, the use of our talents to build up God's kingdom here in our midst are all expressions of our gratitude to the One who have given us everything.  Thank you, Lord!