We celebrate First Holy Communion on the first weekend of May

This coming Saturday at Noon, May 2nd, 55 children and youth in our parish will be welcomed to the Table of the Lord.  They have been preparing all year and are now ready to receive the Bread of Life and the Cup of Blessing.  This Mass will be in Spanish and the children will be accompanied by their Padrinos (godparents).  Then on Sunday, May 3rd, ten children will receive their First Communion in English at the 10:00 am Mass.  Receptions will follow both Masses and yes, there will be cake!  :-)  We hope you can join us for these beautiful celebrations.

Easter is here! Jesus is Risen! Come join us!

We are an Easter people.  The resurrection is at the heart of all that we believe.  It is at the center of all we do.  Come join us each Sunday as we celebrate the amazing love that God has for us!  Our Masses are at 5:00 pm on Saturday evening, 8:00 am and 10:00 am on Sunday in English and 1:00 pm in Spanish.  We would love to see you there!

Sacred Reading: The "Confessions" by St. Augustine

Every month, we've been reading a wonderful book about faith and spirituality.  This month we are reading Confessions St. Augustine. This is a wonderful book, a spiritual classic, that tells of St. Augustine's early life and the experiences that brought about his conversion to Christianity... all in his own words!   This book has had a profound impact on our church and St. Augustine is one of the most important theologians that our Church has ever had!  Contact Mathew if you need a copy.  Come and read along with us! 

We treasure... We celebrate... You are invited...

Stewardship is the faith-filled understanding that all we have and all that we are is a gift from God - our time, our talent, our money and even the gift of life itself. Psalm 111 asks, "How can we make a return for the goodness of God?"  We show our gratitude for these gifts by returning a portion of them back to God.  In the end, the sharing of our time with God, the giving of a portion of our treasure to support the needs of others and our church, the use of our talents to build up God's kingdom here in our midst are all expressions of our gratitude to the One who have given us everything.  Thank you, Lord!