Parish Mission Statement

In 2010, our parish leadership decided to prepare a statement of mission for Sacred Heart.  The purpose of this statement was to clarify (especially for us) who we are as a faith community and what we are trying to accomplish in our parish life.  In addition to our statement of purpose, four areas of priority were identified which continue to be focus of our work.

We are diverse Catholics nurturing community in our parish home, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
in accordance with each person’s uniqueness.  We gratefully build up the Body of Christ,
celebrating the Sacraments, embracing the Word through service and sharing our living faith.

We aspire to grow a culture of respect and acceptance in our community
by enhancing our individual and collective spiritual growth through active participation
in the Liturgy, Religious Education and Stewardship.

Four areas of priority for our parish:

Worship: to provide an environment of worship that enhances our faith community.

Faith Formation: to center our faith formation for all ages around the teachings of the Catholic church through faith building opportunities.

Community: to foster an open and loving community of believers whose focus is Jesus Christ and serving others.

Outreach: to be the hands and feet of Christ by creating an atmosphere of service and stewardship embracing our church, our community, and the world.