Liturgical Ministers

The teachings of our Church tell us that good liturgy is … full, conscious and active participation enhanced by a spirit of celebration!  What this means in part, is that the liturgy is the work of all of us.  The word “liturgy” actually means: the work of the people.  One way to participate fully is to help with our liturgical ministries.  We are always ready to welcome more people into our liturgical ministries.  Can you help?  If so, please call Mathew at 360-825-2333 or email me at

For those of you are who already liturgical ministers.  Thank you for your gift of service in helping our parish worship!

Our Liturgical Ministries include:

Altar servers: To serve at the Table of the Lord and assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass is the work of our Altar Servers. This ministry of service and care is open to children, youth and adults once they have received First Communion.

Artisans and Environment:  Making the House of the Lord look beautiful and seasonally appropriate is the work of our artisans.  Their work is behind the scenes, perhaps, but the results are in front of all of us as we pray.

Eucharistic Ministers: At it’s deepest, the Eucharistic Ministers are the Body of Christ, sharing the Body of Christ with the Body of Christ.  What a wonderful service it is to be the hands of Christ sharing the Bread of Life and the Cup of Blessing with all who come forward to receive.  This ministry is open to confirmed Catholics in good standing.

Lectors: When Lectors proclaim the Scriptures they are truly the voice of God speaking God’s Word to the people.  This is a ministry of meaning and proclamation.  Lectors must be confirmed Catholics in good standing and have the gifts to proclaim the Word of God well.

Liturgy Planners: Good liturgy does not just happen.  Our liturgy planners meet throughout the year, in anticipation of each season, and give careful thought to the words and music, the actions and movements, the sights and sounds of each season. Working closely with Father Davis, our chief liturgist, and reading the guidelines and directives of the Church closely, our liturgy planners strive to bring our liturgies fully alive.

Ministers to the Sick and the Homebound:  A part of our Eucharistic Ministry, the Ministers to the Sick go to the hospitals, nursing homes and private homes of our sick and frail parishioners to bring them the Blessed Sacrament.  Their ministry is one of caring and inclusion as they keep our sick ones included in our prayers and our sharing in the Eucharist..

Musicians and Instrumentalists:  Singing is praying twice!  And this ministry has as its goal to help all the assembly to sing God’s praises!  At every Sunday liturgy (including the Saturday Vigil Mass) our pastoral musicians help us to pray and respond to God through music.  There is room for many more in our choirs.  Adults, youth and children are all welcome.   Please come join us.

Sacristans:  God is in the details and our ministry of sacristan is all about the details that make up our worship. Another ministry behind the scenes, our sacristans make sure that all of the other ministries are ready to worship and have everything that they need to in order to perform their ministries.  This ministry of service works closely with the altar servers and the presider to help our liturgies flow smoothly.

Ushers and Greeters:  Our ushers are the hosts and hostesses of our worship.  They are the first smiling face that people see and often the last one as well.  They work hard to anticipate the needs of those at Mass and are there in case of difficulty or trouble.  And at the core of all they do, is the strong desire to make everyone feel welcome in the House of God.