Guide to Liturgical Seasons

One of the wisdoms of our Church is the realization that everything in our lives and in our world is colored by our Faith and our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Pope Paul VI said it well when he said, “We live in a world imbued with the hidden presence of God.”  Everything is charged with the power and the presence of God!  Including the days of our lives and the seasons of the year.

To help us understand


Lent is a time set apart for us to tell the truth.  For us to look in the mirror and ask ourselves one question:  What is one thing that is keeping me from being the person that God wants me to be?  Just pick one but make it real.  Then, that one thing is what we fast from, that we struggle against, that we try to cast out of our lives (for at least the 40 days of Lent if not longer.)  True, there are traditional things that we do in solidarity with one another during Lent, but at the core of Lent is our attempt to change… to grow… to become more fully alive in our Faith.  Join us in the struggle!  Even if you missed Ash Wednesday, or haven’t been very mindful of Lent so far… Lent is now… so ask the question and begin to grow in faith and truth and love.  Check out our Guide to Lent for more suggestions on how to meaningfully observe this holy season.

Lent ends at sundown on Holy Thursday.  But our journey is not over for we then move into the Sacred Triduum.  The word “Triduum” literally means “three days” and refers to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. (They count as three days since they follow the ancient Jewish practice of starting each day at sundown.  So the first of the three days goes from Holy Thursday at sundown until Good Friday at sundown.)  The Sacred Triduum are the holiest days of our year!  Check out the link below to find out more about these days and how we celebrate them.  Then come join us!