Adult Confirmation

Confirmation is not just something you do when you’re in High School.
Confirmation is a chance to recommit ourselves to God!

It is a chance to reaffirm the promises of faith that were made for us by our parents and godparents at our baptism. It is a chance to publicly declare that our faith makes a difference in our lives.  Confirmation is a chance to complete the initiation process that was begun with baptism and continued with our First Eucharist. It is an opportunity to stand before God and before the Church and say “Yes” to all that it means to be a person of faith and a child of God!

The sacrament of Confirmation has a rich and varied history. As a Church, we trace it back to the promise that Jesus made to his disciples, that he would send his Spirit to dwell with us, to guide us along right paths. Confirmation is a commitment that must be heartfelt and lifelong. Currently, our primary preparation for Confirmation is for juniors and seniors in High School but many students are not ready to make such a commitment at that time in their lives. This is why every year, we also provide an opportunity for those who were  not confirmed as a youth to do so now as an adult.

Confirmation is also a requirement for people who would like to be married in the Catholic church and also for those who would like to serve as god-parents for a child being baptized.

If I’m interested in being Confirmed, what’s the next step?

Every January we begin a series of classes that are the first step in the process of being confirmed.  In these classes we will  learn more about this wonderful sacrament of the Holy Spirit and how we, as a parish, can help you prepare to receive it with an open and ready heart.  In addition, we will explore the central teachings of our faith and how they impact our daily lives.  Plus, this is a great place to ask any questions that you might have about our church and our faith.

In addition to our classes, you will be expected to participate in a variety of our parish Lenten activities and events, including receiving the sacrament of reconciliation.  Finally, you will need to write a letter to Father Davis explaining the reasons that you would like to be confirmed.

Confirmation will take place in the spring when the Archbishop or Bishop comes to Sacred Heart to celebrate that sacrament.

If you are interested in being Confirmed or if you have more questions, please contact Mathew at 360-825-3759, ex. 303 or email me at