First Reconciliation & First Communion

Sacramental Preparation at Sacred Heart is a four step process that supports the role of parents in passing on their faith to their children.
In accordance with Archdiocesan guidelines, preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation is a two year process.

Step One: Child participates in either Sunday morning Faith Formation classes (grades 2-5) or Wednesday Night Youth Ministry (grades 6-12) beginning the first weekend in October.  These classes will help your child come to a deeper understanding of their faith and learn the ways that we practice our faith in our daily lives.  Children who are preparing to receive the Sacraments are required to attend these classes for two full years.

Step Two: Beginning in January of the second year, parents of children preparing to receive a Sacrament attend a series of classes on the Sacraments. (The classes for Spanish speaking parents whose children are preparing begin in October with Deacon George  in the chapel.)   This series explores the meaning of the Sacraments in our lives & provides practical ways to share your faith with your children.

Step Three:  In the second year of the program, parents will receive a workbook that they will complete with their child at home.   This workbook provides an easy format for parents to discuss their faith with their child as well as cover all of the important information that your child needs to know before receiving each Sacrament.

Step Four: Before receiving First Reconciliation or First Eucharist, children and parents will attend a retreat to review what they have learned and to prepare for the actual celebration of the Sacrament, itself.