Children’s Programs

Learning to walk in the footsteps of the Lord.

Sunday Mornings ~ during the 10 am Mass

Preschool 3 and 4 year olds through Kindergarten are invited to join us for the children’s Liturgy of the Word during the 10 am Mass (October through the first weekend in May).

Our Sunday School provides a special place at church for young children.  In these classes they learn that church is their home and God’s home too!  They are also introduced to the power and beauty of the Mass.  Plus, they will learn the stories of the Bible and along with our Catholic rituals and practices.

Our children will begin Mass each week with their parents.  After the Opening Prayer, Father Davis will call them forward for a special blessing and then sends them out for their own special Liturgy of the Word for Children.  During that time, we’ll explore (and practice) the parts of the Mass, discuss the Gospel & other readings, and lean more about our Catholic Faith in ways that make sense to them.  Then, during the Preparation of the Gifts (the collection) the Kindergarten children will return to church to join their parents for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  the Preschoolers will remain in the CFC until Mass is over and their parents pick them up.

We also offer nursery care for children under the age of three during the Mass.  The nursery is located right off the stage in the parish hall.

Sunday Mornings ~ The Classes between the Masses  ~  Grades 1 through 5

All our elementary Faith Formation happens Sunday mornings following the 10:00 am Mass and before the 1:00 pm Mass (in Spanish).   We offer classes for grades 1 through 5 in the CFC building.  Our program is taught in English (since all our children already speak English for their regular schooling) however, we do have bilingual teachers on site and we send home bilingual materials.  Families are invited to come for the 10am Mass and stay for Faith Formation or come for Faith Formation and stay for the 1pm Mass depending on your preference.

Our Sunday morning program will focus on deepening the experience of our Catholic Faith for our older children.  Our classes will use Scripture, prayer, music, art, drama and more to help our children grow in their understanding of our Catholic Faith and how to live it out. Our goal is to tap into the enthusiasm and faith that our young people have in lively and interesting ways.

This program is also one part of our Sacramental preparation process.  Children who are seeking to receive their First Communion and First Reconciliation are required to participate in these classes for two years as one part of their preparation.  You can begin your preparation in First Grade or Second Grade.

Classes begin on the first Sunday of October.

During the elementary classes we will also be offering adult enrichment in Spanish in the chapel.  We also provide adult enrichment in English throughout the year.  These opportunities are for parents (and others) while their children are in class and give them an opportunity to grow in their faith as well.