Meet Our Staff

Father Anthony K. A. Davis, Priest Administrator

As priest administrator, Father Davis is responsible for the spiritual and temporal care of the members of Sacred Heart. Father Davis joined us in July, 2011.  His ministry with us has brought a renewed spirit and growth to Sacred Heart.  His commitment to the unity and love that binds us together has challenged our parish and staff to explore new and vibrant ways of being one people serving One Risen Lord!  Father Davis grew up in Ghana, Africa, and is a passionate follower of his home country’s soccer team: the Black Stars!

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Deacon George Mounce III, Ministerio Hispano

Deacon George has come to our parish to assist with the ministry to and with our Spanish-speaking members.  Deacon George (and his wife Penny) live in Tacoma and also serve at St. Francis Cabrini parish in Lakewood.  And while his ministry with us has a particular focus, Deacon George sees himself as a minister of service for all our parish.  We are so grateful to have both of them participating in and enriching the life of our parish community.

You can leave a message for Deacon George in English at Extension 301 or en Español at 304.

Brenda Caraveo, Pastoral Assistant for Administration

Brenda joined our parish staff in 2014 and is responsible for the running of our parish office and the on-going support of our parish programs and offerings.  She is the first person you see when you come into the parish office and she is ready to help in any way that she can.  In addition, Brenda is bilingual and is able to respond to requests in both English and Spanish.  Brenda also works with Lilia to ensure that our parish communicates well in both languages.  And if you need a tootsie roll candy, she is the one to see.

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Rachael Harvey,  Pastoral Assistant for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Rachael is the newest member of our parish staff, joining us in 2019. Rachael grew up at Sacred Heart and has experienced our parish programs from the inside out.  After college, Rachael went on to serve as a minister for youth and young adults in several parishes and on the Archdiocesan level.  Now she have moved back to Enumclaw and brings a passion for youth ministry and a strong faith to her position here at Sacred Heart. She is also beginning a ministry to young adults to provide more support for the young people in our community.   We are so fortunate to have her back with us!

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Lilia Arroyo, Hispanic Minister & Custodian

In addition to overseeing the care of our parish plant and working closely with the maintenance committee to take care of all the details of its upkeep, Lilia is our hispanic minister.  In that capacity, she works closely with the rest of the staff to ensure that the needs of our Spanish speaking members are handled well.  She translates parish materials, handles our Spanish-language requests and, with the help of volunteers, coordinates the Spanish language parish programs and liturgical ministries. Lilia is committed to helping our parish continue to find ways to blend all our parish together regardless of language.

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Beth Cross & Patti Ferrell, Preschool Teachers, Sacred Heart Preschool

For many years, Sacred Heart children and others have had the fortune of attending preschool under the direction of Miss Beth and Miss Patti. In words and song, in prayers and activities of all kinds, our children have learned and grown with the two best preschool teachers in town!  Miss Patti and Miss Beth put their love for children into everything they do.  And all of us have benefited so much from that love and their passionate care.

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Direct phone number for the Preschool: (360) 825-0718

Moiya Callahan, Music Minister

We are extremely blessed to have Moiya Callahan lead our music here at Sacred Heart.  Moiya uses her passion for music as a way to call all of us to deeper prayer and worship. She is an excellent musician in her own right and also has a gift for getting the very best out of our choir and cantors as they sing praises to our God of Love. We are so grateful to have her with us.

You can leave a message for Moiya at Extension 301.

Mathew Weisbeck, Pastoral Associate

Mathew came to Sacred Heart in 1995.  After serving for many years as the pastoral assistant for faith formation, Mathew saw his responsibilities expand a few years ago to include liturgy and leadership development.  Mathew’s primary focus is on adult and family enrichment along with working closely with Father Davis, Moiya and the Liturgy Commission to deepen and enrich our liturgical celebrations.  He is also coordinating our parish renewal process as we strive to become an even greater witness to the power and love of God in our midst. Extension 303